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What is a microservice

A microservice archietecuter, is a system of independetatly, logically isolated, services. Each service have their own database and their own goals, and purpose. Scaling to meet consumer or user demand is done in each specefic service, also is updating, tesing, and deployment. MicroServices dont necessarily make the code less intricate or complex, however it does divide each seperate task in the code in a seperate section. This seperation allows for the trasnparency of each specefic section, and most importantly it allows for each section to be worked on independantly.

What is a monolithic application

a monolithic application is the opposite of microservices, instead of having each section of a code running seperatly and independantly, its a single unit of code that is self-contained and isolated from other applciations. The Word monolith is roughly defined as a "large singular block". This perfects fits monolthic applications because a monolith application is a singular code base that couples all business concerns and goals together.

IT is ever-changing and there is athe need to evovle in order to stay relevant

- Ryan Ogilvie

Advantage of Monolithic Architecture ?

Even though many applications today use a microservice style Architecture their are still many benefits of using monolthic applications. The most coomon reason for using a monolthic style architecture is speed of deployment, the spped is rapid becuase of only a signular code. A major benefit of Monolthic architecutre is alos, easily performance of tasks. In a centralized code base, a single API(Application Programming Interface) can be used to accomplish tasks and functions, while a Microservice may require many different API's.

  • seamless deployment
  • Easy Development
  • Easy Testing
  • Simplified performance
  • Singularity
  • Simplified debugging

Advantage of MicroServices

Microservices solve a lot of the problems that arise from the use of monolthic architecture. Micreoservices allow each section of the code to be ran independantly, and in isolation, this indepenency allows for each service to be updated, developed, scaled, and tested without impacting the perfomacne and functionality of any other application. Software testing, and overall monitoring can be more efficent by properly Identifying which section of the code to monitor and watch, and which section to specefically update or futher develop in any way or shape. Most importantly, MicroServices allow for the CI/CD(Continou Integration and Continous Deployment) of applications, which allows developers to quickyly test new code, deploy the code, and rollback the code incase any error or bugs were discovered.

  • Agility
  • Specefic Scaling
  • Independent Deployance
  • Continous Deployment
  • Seamless Integration of Teams
  • Continous Deployment



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