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We Are Dedicated to increasing business output and productivity

With a DevOps approach we can help accelerte the deployment of applications, which leads to an increase in business output with a fraction of the cost

  • Fast Delivery Options
  • Advanced automation tools
  • Reliability
  • Scale at will
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Cost Savings

Our Services

We Offer IT services to help with the entire cloud deployment LifeCycle

At techsecom consulting, we pride ourself on mastering a litany of technology related concepts so that we can be a great tool for whatever level of enterprise our clients are at

IT Consulting

Knowing the latest IT services, and learning how to incorporate those services will lead to an increase in production deploymentat at a fraction of the cost.

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Web Development

Having an online site and presence will attract customers and improve the overall status and view of an enterprise, whether large medium or small.

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Data Analysis

By using data analytics, a businees can create comprenehnsive customer profiles, which will give an insight to customer behavior.

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Cloud Service

Moving applciations from on prem to the cloud, will incerase deployment, more importantly you remove cost of mantaining expensive hardware.

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Working Process

Our Work Process, How We Work For Our Customers


First step is to identify what is the goal, or what are we trying to accomplish within your enterprise.



Define the scope of the project, what is your overall budget and what are some of the more urgent tasks.



Getting the actual work done, will be much more seamless whenever you have a detailed plan and steps to follow.



Producing the best prodcut and then the quick Delivery of that prodcut is the eventual goal for all projects.

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Why Choose Us

Best IT Solutions For Your Business.

We understand all business's are not created equally, and neither are their needs, and no matter your size or need we can increase speed and efficency of deployment.

Our Experience

20+ years of Experience with the DevOps lifecycle

Quick Support

24/7 customer support for any questions, or concerns that may arise


Have a Project or Any Idea ?

(+1) 234-567-89874

Their are many ways to contact, including a dedicated phone line just for our presnet and future clients

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Our Recent Works

With over 20+ years of enterprise experience, we have a long list of previous and current projects we're working on.


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Our Team

Our Team Members

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Donald Etsecom

Founder & CEO
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Adel Dumbuya

Project Manager
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Kelson Kanu

DevOps Engineer

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