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Data Analytics

Techseom Consulting Group, has the team and resources neede to transform data into a prediction based on patterns, thesed predictions can help predicit buying behavior, improve diagnostics, produce financail forecast, and gain a deeper insight on the overall temperment of your customer, and or users. Their is no equation or process to gurantee sales, or customer interaction however, collecting data and using that data to form patterns will help predict a change in market dynamics, and how those changes may impact your customer base, either positevly or negatively.

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics

Predicitve Analytics

Using this advances analytic technique that makes a hypothesis about future outcomes using previous recorded data combined with statistical modeling, data mining tecniques, and machine learning. In the modern world businesses are bombarded with data from multiple files, images, logs etc. All of this data are stored in remote repositoreis across an organization. To find patterns in this data, data scientist uses advanced analytics learning and machine learning algorithims, these patterns are used to make predictions about future events.


Data Analytic Benefits

The Point in collecting Data is so that the data can be used as an unbiased advisor, we combine our business know-how with specefic data to reccomend practices that will ensure business optimazation with little cost as possible. Using Data Analytics help a business or enterprise make better decisons, helps customize the user expereince,identify potential risks, deliver relevant products, accurate evaluation of ROI, and most importantly track customer behavioral changes. Using data analytics also enhance the security of the organization, organizations use data analytics to analyze the impact and cause pf past data breaches using, using processing and interpreting relevant data. Data Scientiest can then use statistical models to prevent future attacks, these models with the use of monitoring and alerting systems will detect any anomalies and potential threats.