About T.C.G


Who We Are & Our Core Values

Techsecom Consulting Group is in its essence a helping hand through change, A change that is driven by innovation, Infomration Technology, and more importantly the ever changing market dynamics that impact each sector in the economy. The Goal is to create a partnership, an alliance that will lead to a thriving enterprise, through actionable steps that are attainable, and realistic.

  • Efficency
  • Resliency
  • Integrity
  • Reliability

The Problem We look to solve

Their are many great business's that will go under because of either a mismanagement of hardware, that cost an inordinate amount of money. A lack of understanding and appiance of new IT techniques and tools that are constantly being made. Or last of all a lack of speed in the deployance of applications, or downtown for applications that causes a decrease in the product and user experience. We here at T.C.G understand these challenges, and are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge, and resources to not only see challeneges before they emerge, but quickly remediate any errors before they cause damage to the system.

The DevOps Process

DevOps is the combination of techniques, tools, and services that incorporate the Developer Process of the application build and deployment process, and the operation side. This combination adds to an increase in the ability to deliver applications and services at a rapid pace, and to fix errors and potential bugs before they are released in the production enviornment. This is not only the new business model it is the current one, and those businesses that arent using these techniques within a cloud service are not only spending money on hardware, but they arent able to rapidly scale up and down resources based on user engagement.


Our Working Proccess

We incorporate DevOps techniques, with our own strategy and gameplan that is custom and tailored for each one of our clients. This gameplan involves a list of actionable and attainable steps that will require a dedicated and motivated mindset, but that are realistic. We understand no matter the line of work building bonds and connections with people is the only way to thrive and be successful in any enviornemnt, and building a connection with each and everyone one of our client is at the upmost importance, we want to hear your goals and values, the reason for contacting us, and your vision for the future.