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Our Web Development Service

A great Website can grab the attention of potential cosutmers, and will impress any existing or returning customer Here at techsecom Consulting Group, we understand the power of presentation, and we can fully express the ideas for your website in a well presented website.

  • Content Updates
  • New Page Creation
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Security optimization
  • Recurring Backups
  • Functionality Testing

Whether you're a start-up or a forutne 500 company, a great and fucntional website will increase the amount of users being introduced to your service, which will eventually lead to an increase in sales or user participation

Web Dev Team

Our web development package, will include a team consisting of desginers,writers,SEO experts, and someone who has specefic knowledge with your business and sector, and can give invaluable reccommandation, to further optimize your business. The team will also consist of a project manager, a ux/ui designers, a full stack enginner, QA Engineer, and a devOp engineer for bigger projects that invbolve hige infrasctructure.


Web Dev Best Practices

  • Consistency creates familiarity
  • Hiearch of important Information
  • Easily navigatble
  • Responsive Website
  • Uniqueness, and originality
  • SEO
1: Use the same design elements across each one of your website links and pages which creates consistency 2: Make sure to keep in mind hierachy of important information, make sure to put importatn information at the top of the page. 3: Make your website easily navigatble, for users, customers, and employees. 4: Make your website responsive so that no matter the size of the screen the site looks the same. 5: Create a unique an original design that will help you not only attract customers, attetion but retain it. 6: Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in order to increase the likelihood that it shows up on google and other search engines. This increase in traffic will lead to a slew of potential custoemrs and users.