Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01. How long does it typically take to build a Website

    Every website is different in terms of fucntionality and features that are distnict for your specefic business, more complex websites with many pages and js, will typically take up more time and resources in order to complete.

  • 02. What is DevOps

    DevOps is the techniques, and methodology in the software development and deployment process. DevOps integrates and automates the work of software development and IT operations as a way to speed up the appliaiton deployment process, and shortening the downtime users may experience.

  • 03. What cloud service do you prefer

    Many cloud services accomplish the same task, which allows you to crate infrastrucutre in the cloud, taht infrastrucutre will be used to in order to support the applications that are being ran in the enviornment.

  • 04. Would you ever consider keeping infrastructure

    Their are many instances in which keeping infrastrucutre on prem is more benefical than moving to the cloud, including the spped of data, large collections of data can take hours, even dats to move from one data center. Also some applciations rely on communicate with other applications that run on premise,then the application should also run on premise.

  • 05. How Can DevOps implementation Help a Business

    DevOps techniques and implementation allows the cost of operation by removing the need for expensive infrastrucutre, and also the devOps process allows for the rapid deployment of applications. Which will add to the overall experince of the user.

  • 06. How can Data Analytics help a business grow

    By using data analytics an organization can create a comprenehnsive customer profile from data collected, from this data businesses can gain insights into customer behavior to provide a unique experience thats customized for each customer.

  • 07. How many members usually make up a team

    Depending on the size and scope of the project, each team includes a web developer, a data analtyst, and one member of our business managment team that is knowledgeable in your specefic sector of business.

  • 08. Are there any contracts.

    We offer contracts for a dsiconut rate over a long period of time, however, we do offer month to month work with clients, and we're also flexible with your exact need.